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I’ve taken The Tee on some tough hikes and its unfaltering performance has continued to surpass my standards for outdoor clothing in every facet. The fabric is lightweight but has proven itself very durable, holding up through lots of abuse from low branches and dense brambles out on the trails. Its breathability is superb, perfect for staying cool and drying off quickly in many different weather conditions.
— Seamus Ober, Outdoor Partner
Guardian Rain Jacket
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I’ve used The Sleeve on a number of trips this year and it’s performed very well. I’d say one of the times I was most impressed was using it as a base layer on a recent backcountry ski trip to Lyon mountain. I had my skis on a rather large pack, but the shirt was really good at wicking sweat from my back, with and without additional layers over it. Overall, it’s been super comfortable, has stayed undamaged and clean, and I’d highly recommend it.
— David Russell, Outdoor Partner
Creating high-quality, low impact garments is our passion at TerrApparel. The Tee and The Sleeve feature a USDA certified bio-based wicking solution that keeps you dry all day. The Tee and The Sleeve also feature a UPF 40 solution to protect you from the harsh sun on top of a mountain or for a long day on the water. Whether you are hiking a 46er, kayaking in Saranac Lake, or spending time outside of our home in the Adirondacks, The Tee and The Sleeve are well equipped to keep you cool, dry, and ready to tackle any challenge in front of you!
— Matt Hawthorne, Co-Founder & CEO