Our Mission

To clean up our planet one piece of clothing at a time


       We at TerrApparel are constantly working to decrease our climate impact. As a company built by outdoor enthusiasts, we see everyday the degradation of the world's most fragile habitats, the migration of species into never before seen places, and the tons of plastic in our oceans, rivers, and forests. 

       TerrApparel was started because we wanted to create a closed-loop performance clothing company. We were sick of buying products that could not be recycled at the end of their usable life. Our number one promise to our customers is that all of our products are recyclable, because it is not good enough to simply use recycled material anymore. We have to be able to recycle it again. This is why we created our Recycle Us program. It was created to ensure all of our products are recycled properly and that we can get every ounce of usable life out of the materials we use. 

       Ultimately, we are focused on using our love of the Earth as our platform to clean it up. We want to be able to wear clothing confidently that allows us to perform while bettering the performance of our planet in any way we can. We know this will not single-handedly cure the problem of plastics in our oceans, rivers and forests, but to use our passion to promote the health of Earth's species and environments is a journey we could not be happier to follow. We hope you will join us.