Who I Am: Maura

Hi Everyone!

With shirts arriving, I wanted to share a little bit about myself and how I joined Matt to make TerrApparel a reality.

In the March of 2017, Matt came to me with the idea for TerrApparel and after hearing his idea I couldn’t say no! I had never realized the impact of what we wear. Heartbreakingly, the ski and hiking gear I wear is adversely affecting the nature I love to explore. Looking around, I couldn’t find any outdoor clothing that could be recycled or that was made with dyes and finishes that wouldn’t hurt the environment. From that point, I have been dedicated to the success of TerrApparel and it has been quite the journey so far.

My name is Maura Maguire and I am a 20-year-old adventurer and traveler from New York. I grew up in Malone, NY just North of the Adirondack Park. I am an avid skier, living only a 5-minute drive from Titus Mountain Ski Center, and an outdoor enthusiast. I spent most of my childhood hiding from my parents in the forest behind my house. Living practically in the Adirondacks and dedicating my winters to skiing gave me a profound love for nature. I am always at home when I am skiing, hiking, or exploring the beauty of the nature around me.

Standing on the Mini Cliffs in the Burren, Ireland. Spring 2018

Standing on the Mini Cliffs in the Burren, Ireland. Spring 2018

My love for adventure inspired my love for travel. In the past year, I have traveled to 10 countries, ranging from the Dominican Republic to most of Western Europe. This last semester I was lucky enough to study abroad in Galway, Ireland and experience the beauty of the Irish landscape for myself. Spending time in Europe has taught me more about sustainability and protecting the environment that I could have ever imagined, and there are so many ideas we can borrow from the Europeans to improve our own sustainability efforts. Watch out for an upcoming article on European sustainability efforts.

I am very excited to release our first product in the next few days and I look forward to hearing your own stories of adventure and exploration. If you have any questions or simply want to reach out, feel free to call me at (518) 353-8705 or send me an email at maura@terrapparel.co.

Thanks for reading!


Co-Founder, CFO and Supply Chain Manager