Our goal is to minimize our impact on the environment in every way possible. Whether it be in the actual materials of our product, the emissions created from manufacturing our product, the chemicals that finish our product, the length of our supply chain, or the packaging that our products end up in when they are shipped to you, we are always looking for ways to protect the environment. Below you will find a list of our initiatives and current progress towards these goals. 

Our Initiatives

       Create a 100% recyclable product line. The reason we started TerrApparel at the beginning was because we felt that just to recycle materials once wasn't enough. We are committed to creating products that not only use recycled materials, but use materials that can be recycled again. That way, you can feel better about where your garment goes when it is time to retire it. 

       Create quality products from 100% recycled fabrics. Committing to a 100% recycled product improves the preservation of the planet so that our children can explore the same natural playgrounds we grew up with. Our vendors are working every day to ensure the product you receive meets our strict sustainability standards. 

       Use plant-based and fluorocarbon-free finishes and solutions on all of our products. These more earth friendly chemicals will degrade in the environment and reduce our customer's impact when in direct contact with the environment. All of our wicking and waterproof finishes are composed of at least 50% plant based materials, and use zero fluorocarbon compounds. This creates a healthier garment for both you and the environment. 

        Package our product in a recycled/recyclable package. For us, it is not enough to simply make a sustainable product. We need to deliver it to you in an Earth-friendly manner as well. Our goal is to be holistic in our approach to sustainability. This is one way we try to accomplish that.

       Produce our product with renewable energy. We hope to create every product using renewable energy, not only in our offices, but at our manufacturing sites as well. Our yarn manufacturer powers their facilities using a 105 kilowatt solar installation on the roof of their manufacturing plant. They are committed not only to producing green products, but also to doing it in an eco-friendly manner. 

       None of these initiatives can be accomplished without the help of customers such as yourself. Commitment to environmentalism and conservation are crucial to us as people, and with your support we can create a better planet for generations to come.